Our vision

Accommodation is one of the oldest services in the world, and it will be needed also in the future. After all, we spend almost half of our lives sleeping. And if we don’t want to or can’t stay at home, with family or with friends, we have no other choice but to pay for accommodation. A wide variety of different accommodation types are available to us, from luxury hotels to desert tents. When you pay for accommodation, you expect that you will be well taken care of, that you will be welcomed by the staff, rooms will be clean and equipped with the necessary accessories and that you will not by disturbed and that you will be able to enjoy a rest which is so important.

We take it for granted that everyone will always keep smiling and that we can do whatever we want when we pay for an accommodation. Often, however, we forget that the staff has a lot of work with our stay. They must always keep the rooms perfectly cleaned and prepared, provide sufficient number of reservations to make the operation of a hotel viable, communicate with guests, solve complaints and various requirements and many other things. It is not easy at all and often it is both very psychologically and physically demanding.

Thanks to our own experience with the operation of a hotel, we decided to help other operators of accommodation facilities. When they care so well about their guests, who will help them and care for them as perfectly as they do about their guests? Our vision is to help with the operation of hotels and automate routine agenda so that the operators of accommodation facilities have more time for their guests, interests, families and friends.

Digital revolution

The rapid take-up of technologies and global connectivity brings many benefits. One can now book a taxi, hotel or connect with anyone in the world by two clicks. However, robotics has also its dark side. Older generations who have not grown up with technology often cannot use them or are unable to benefit from them which means that their businesses are lagging behind the competition. Another problem is the deepening gap between developed and developing countries. Siesta Solution strives to create easy to use technologies that are user-friendly for everyone. We educate our clients in technology, and by linking local businesses in less developed countries with global travel channels, we are helping to develop tourism, bring revenue and create jobs even in places where jobs are otherwise difficult to look for.

The work of the future

As the digital revolution arrives, routine work is being automated. Repetitive tasks are increasingly performed by machines and some people are losing their jobs. On the other hand, new job positions are being created, which include programming of software and robots, their configuration and the training of the personnel that is maintaining them. The number of these jobs can only increase. The advantage of these jobs is that they can be done from anywhere, you just need a computer and an internet connection, and you can communicate with people around the world and handle various tools remotely.

In Siesta Extranet, we are fully aware of these changes. Most of us works on a computer, so we do not have to go to work every day. In addition to work in the home-office, there are also colleagues who travel around the world and work from different places. They are called digital nomads and it is a new phenomenon, which arises from the fact that one does not have to stay in one place to work.

We are proud that our company is much freer compared with global corporations and that we can work virtually from anywhere, often at any time, and that we are a modern company that offers solutions for those who want to take advantage of all the possibilities of our time while helping people improve their daily agenda.

Sharing experiences

In today's information age, rapid innovations and changes often occur. It is not enough to repeat the same sequence of tasks routinely, but it is necessary to educate, improve processes and use new methods. Our team of hotel, technology and business management experts with decades of experience of following latest trends, has the key knowledge and does not mind share it. We organize educational lectures in different regions and prepare easy-to-understand presentations about the latest trends and proven methodologies. These lectures are completely free of charge and are always followed by discussions in which individual participants can share their thoughts with us or with other participants.

Our story

We started at our own hotel. We solved how to relieve overwhelmed receptionists, how to prevent confusion and overbooking, how to effectively sell on our own site and on multiple sales channels. We have been looking for ways to automate routine activities and reduce the amount of work wherever possible. And that’s why we developed our own software Siesta Extranet. We wanted to save work and maximize profits. Within a short time, we managed to increase our profit by 30 % and get better reviews than Hilton.

We have gained valuable experience and know-how. When we have made life easier for ourselves, we now want to offer our solutions and knowledge to others. Why not share when it makes sense? We are pleased that investors, clients and people who wanted to work with us soon began to be interested in our product and our company.

Over time, we have grown into a business that operates around the world. We have expanded our product portfolio and established strategic partnerships. We started to operate in other industries and new projects and companies were created. From one hotel, there was a holding of complementary projects that are mutually supportive. Our team consists of experts from the fields of hotel, programming, management, marketing, sales, customer support, design, copywriting and more, and we are all looking forward to continuing our story.

Why Siesta Extranet?

The name Siesta Extranet contains our vision in the sense that Siesta Extranet is the solution for a pleasant life and business without unnecessary stress.