Tailored development

Our development department is already responsible for several successful products, including its own product for accommodation facilities Siestra Extranet. The experience gained from working on previous projects predetermines us for the successful development of your own software solution. We are not afraid of big challenges because they are pushing us forward. If you are interested in developing your own custom software, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Experienced team

Our team consists of experienced developers and software architects with experience in various fields such as Artificial intelligence (AI), SAAS busines applications, CRM systems, and many others. Our experience in software development, project management, latest cloud technologies and friendly and creative atmosphere allow us to develop new products in a very short time and high quality.

Modern technology

We use latest programming languages, frameworks and cloud services. We are primarily focused on developing client-server applications, using the Angular on the client side and C # and .NET technologies on the server. We host applications in Azure Cloud. We are partners of Google and Microsoft.