Main features


The calendar will become the eyes of your hotel. It shows you the state of your capacity in real-time and gives you the ability to optimize the availability of your rooms with one click. Drag & drop function maximizes the efficiency of the work on reception and saves you time.


Use the Dashboard to organize your daily activities. The Dashboard allows you to track changes to reservations in real-time, check sales and payments, and track paid invoices. Thanks to the Dashboard you will never miss an important event again.


Our PMS solution is unique for it’s approach to managing prices. You can work effectively with dynamic pricing to maximize profits according to the market situation. Our system always alerts you of unexpected events with recommendations to raise or lower your prices.

Management reports

As the owner or manager of the hotel you will have complete overview. With Management reports, you’ll be able to see everything relevant to your hotel and keep your facility under maximum control.

Other features

A simple overview of arrivals, stays and departures on a selected day is the ideal tool for managing your staff.

A complete guests database in one place with the option of filtering by nationality, gender, or other special filters created by you.

Create and manage invoices directly in our system. You will no longer need third party software.

You can create and send emails to your guests directly from our application and save time with dynamic email templates and automation.

Do the the best service for your guests by providing them with a shuttle service to the airport or popular sights.

The Reception includes several important features that will help you to manage your hotel while saving you huge amout of time.

The feature Operations shows a simple summary information about guests, accommodation and other services that you offer (parking, wellness, lounges, etc.)

With the Cashier feature, you’ll get an overview of the cash flow in each shift. You will see your income and expenses immediately after the transactions happen.

Siesta Extranet provides professional stocks management. Create main and secondary stocks and get reports on the movement of items.

Every hotelier is looking for ways to earn more money. Retail sale (eg. mini-bar) can provide considerable income, and therefore a feature for an overview of these retail sales will come in handy.

Whether you are the owner or the manager of a hotel, the Management feature will become your main helper in managing your facility successfully.

Sales management is a tool for adjusting prices, restrictions, but also ideal availability.

A successful manager needs good analytics. Siesta offers a wide range of reports and analyzes, such as availability, reservations, occupancy, finance and more.

The restriction Robot automatically alerts you to discrepancies in the restrictions and pricing.

In Reports, you can export the information for a particular period and compare results on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Reservations from your OTAs will automatically push into our system. Your staff can then add, edit, or delete reservations as needed. You can write notes to reservations, tag them or print them.

In Finance you will find an overview of all bills from guests, other billed items, and payments made.

Any change in the data is logged, whether it was done by the user or automatically by the system. Every change is recorded in chronological order so you can keep track of anytime someone created, edited or deleted anything.

In Tasks, you can create plans and instructions for your staff, or use it for your own tasks you don’t want to forget.

The system automatically alerts you of new events, such as new reservations, their changes, or new pricing.

Third party applicationsWe are able to integrate your favorite modules into our solution.

Electronic locking and unlocking of doors using smart electronic cards and mobile phones.

Fast and reliable software for all types of restaurant facilities such as restaurants, bars, cafes, pizzerias, fast food, pubs and more.

Use modern technology to their advantage. The intelligent building saves you a lot of time and brings comfort to your facility’s management – it takes care for heating, lighting, shading and other technologies.

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