Best Organizational Tools to Enhance Your Work

To build up a solid organizational culture is a heavy challenge for everyone and without any reliable organizational tools, your time will be spent fastly. There are several ways how to organise your workflow in the digital space. If you have multiple projects within a team and you are looking for some easy ways to organize the workflow, consider implementing new tools to enhance your work.

New technologies in hospitality

New technologies are impacting all industries, they bring various new concepts and automate loads of boring routine. For hotels, it means investments on one hand but time savings and improved comfort of guests on the other.

How do clients search on

Hotel operators who are able to think like guests are more successful. Sometimes it’s difficult to find an intersection between your own interests, which is the highest possible income, and the client’s intention of finding the best and cheapest accommodations in as interesting a location as possible. How and according to what criteria do clients search for accommodations? What can you do to accommodate their requirements?

Extending the tourist season

Perhaps every owner of an accommodation facility dreams of a twelve-month tourist season. Not everyone can succeed at realizing this dream, but one can still find ways to “extend” the tourist season. Encouraging guests to come outside the usual tourist season is one way. Quieter periods can be used to focus on things for which there is no time during busy months: interior and exterior renovations, optimizing the workplace, or updating sales campaigns to entice guests even outside of high season.

How to react to negative a review

The main purpose of reviews is to give other potential customers an authentic and unbiased opinion of your facility. The way you react to a negative review says a lot about you and about how you run your hotel or guesthouse. In a 2012 study conducted by TripAdvisor in collaboration with PhoCusWright, 84 % of respondents stated that an appropriate response by a hotel to a negative review “improves their impression of the facility”.

Automatic prevention of human error

It is said that to err is human. But in the management of a small hotel or guesthouse, even a small human error can be immediately reflected in negative online reviews that are visible to all. Errors can occur in the management of reservations in pricing, during payment, in the application of booking restrictions, and other routine activities. Some of these can have serious consequences.

Higher Occupancy at Lower Prices Isn’t Worth It

In the hotel business, there is a theory, often put into practice, that says general price reductions will result in higher occupancy, and thus higher profits. Written down like this in one sentence, it sounds like a contradiction. So let’s look at this myth in detail and see why this is the case.

Less Work, Higher Profits: Turn On the Magic With Our Booking System

Small hotels and guesthouses are increasingly providing the option of booking and immediately paying on a websites. Guests love it because bookings are more transparent, quick, and convenient. Receptionists find online booking forms more efficient because they circumvent time-consuming processes like logging reservation requests by phone or email, manually entering reservations in a management system, and endlessly answering the same questions about room rates and availability. You can avoid all this.