New technologies in hospitality


Mobile-friendliness is a new standard. 


Siesta Extranet provides connectivity to MyStay mobile app which unlocks the possibilities to chat, order services or complains in realtime directly from the guest phones.

Artificial Intelligence

Sounds scary but also might be pretty useful if used in a good way.

Siesta Extranet is using AI design patterns for sales data analysis and autonomous changes of prices and sales restrictions.



A blockchain is a powerful tool for independent entities. It provides trust, availability, and security. In the travel industry, it is especially useful for data distribution. Siesta Extranet is capable of connecting to Winding Tree blockchain protocol for inventory distribution and can accept bookings from this neutral network.



The drones are useful tools when it comes to capturing accommodation facilities from above. We are providing this service to clients so they and their guest can see the facility and it surrounding from new perspectives.

IoT Smart Hotel

The internet of things inside the accommodation facility can help with many things. From autoregulation of the AC to switching off heating in empty rooms, the smart home server provides it all. Siesta Extranet is ready to connect the home server and provide valuable data about occupancy in order to automate various tasks and save water and electricity. Not only that it saves money but its also increasing the ecology aspect of hospitality operation.


Did you know that the word „robot“ was invented in the Czech Republic in the year 1920? 

We don’t engineer robots, but we are partnering with startups who do, and at the moment we are preparing connection of Siesta Extranet with electronic receptionist capable of accepting guest documents, handling payments and issue the door cards.

Další příspěvky

Less Work, Higher Profits: Turn On the Magic With Our Booking System

Small hotels and guesthouses are increasingly providing the option of booking and immediately paying on a websites. Guests love it because bookings are more transparent, quick, and convenient. Receptionists find online booking forms more efficient because they circumvent time-consuming processes like logging reservation requests by phone or email, manually entering reservations in a management system, and endlessly answering the same questions about room rates and availability. You can avoid all this.

Higher Occupancy at Lower Prices Isn’t Worth It

In the hotel business, there is a theory, often put into practice, that says general price reductions will result in higher occupancy, and thus higher profits. Written down like this in one sentence, it sounds like a contradiction. So let’s look at this myth in detail and see why this is the case.

Automatic prevention of human error

It is said that to err is human. But in the management of a small hotel or guesthouse, even a small human error can be immediately reflected in negative online reviews that are visible to all. Errors can occur in the management of reservations in pricing, during payment, in the application of booking restrictions, and other routine activities. Some of these can have serious consequences.